Spiritual Counseling/ Mentoring

21 Hudson St, Whitfield, Cairns

My Personal One on One Mentoring.

Spiritual Mentoring/ Counselling. I offer a personal one on one service for those that want to learn or increase their knowledge about anything metaphysical, spiritual or just want some guidance or counselling in life. Whether you want to learn or further your interest in tarot, energy healing, crystals, grids, pendulums, meditation, numerology, channelling, psychometry, palmistry or the many other gifts, I can help. Call me on 0418773614 or email me to find out more information or to arrange details. Special financial arrangements for long term mentoring.

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I Have Helped Many On Their True Path!

 I offer friendly helpful ways of learning about your favorite subjects or interests. I have helped many trainee psychics, mediums, counsellors and healers on their journey of exploration and independence. We can also connect for one on one teaching if you live away from Cairns through Zoom, Skype or other platforms such as Messenger or Whats-up. I find Zoom is the best. Special rates can be arranged for long term teaching or counselling.

Payments on this website are accepted via secure PayPal services.

How Do We Connect?

I can connect with you though many platforms. When you book the session I will email you we can discuss a platform that you prefer and connect at the appointed time. Please remember time differences between Countries and States. 

My time zone in Cairns, Queensland  is (GMT/UTC + 10:00h). 

Zoom Room (ID-8998957842)                     

Messenger (Steve Spiritboy)

Skype (ID- spiritboy34)

Whatsaap (+61 418773614)

Payments on this website are accepted via secure PayPal services.

If you are doing an in person session, allow traveling time to arrive 5 minutes before the booking time as to get the most from the reading. There is a sign on the fence for Spiritboy and come in the open gate and head straight ahead towards the welcome sign. Seats are available outside the healing room and I will be with you as soon as possible.

(If you arrive late the reading may have to be cut short because of pre-bookings.)

I Can Help Guide You!

For crisis and emergency services in Australia, please contact:

Lifeline – 131 114

Beyond Blue – 1300 224 636

Suicide Call Back Service – 1300 659 467

Mental Health Access Line – 1800 011 511

Emergencies – 000